Wedding on a Budget – Candle Style

If your wedding dreams are big, but your wedding budget isn’t, you can still have your dream wedding. Be smart. Get creative! Here are some easy changes to consider:

  • Choose a day other than traditional Saturday.   Friday Night and Sunday afternoon weddings are usually less expensive dates for most wedding venues.
  • Consider time frames around the holidays like Easter or Christmas when the church is already decorated.
  • Buy a great gown at a thrift shop, or on eBay   – why not? Typically a used wedding dress (in great condition) sells for 50% off.
  • Keep your caterer, but adjust your menu to more modest choices.
  • Pass up the pricey photographer, and invite your guests to upload their photos to a shared photo site.
  • Un-hire the band; hire a DJ.
  • Cut a smaller “show” cake; serve pieces of a simple sheet cake.
  • And last but not least, skip the gazillion dollar florist, and create your own centerpieces. Your best friends will help you. You can do it beautifully and practically free with PartyLite.

Nothing is prettier or more romantic than candlelight at a wedding.  Famous for platinum quality candles and candle accessories — including many that hold both flowers and candles — PartyLite can help you create your own fabulous, can’t-fail centerpieces.

“For brides who host a PartyLite Party, there are gifts for the wedding party and for guests that are either free or half-price,” said Michael Norris, president of PartyLite Americas. “You can afford wonderful centerpieces easily with all of our special discounts for people hosting parties – in a home or online. And if you still have some time before your wedding, you can do even better. Savvy brides-to-be are opening their own PartyLite businesses to earn the extra money they need for the wedding of their dreams.”

A little early planning can save hundreds of dollars for a cost-conscious bride. One PartyLite consultant described how one of her best customers called her the moment her daughter got engaged. Mother and daughter picked out candle and flower holders that worked perfectly for centerpieces. Then, the bride, her mom and the maid of honor each hosted PartyLite parties. The bride was able to get most of her centerpieces at no cost, using host credits, and she obtained the rest as half-priced items. They had fun during those pre-wedding weeks, avoided a major florist charge, and created centerpieces the wedding guests found original and charming.

Great choices for bridal centerpieces include GloLite by PartyLite® candles, The World’s Brightest Candle™. Unscented, ivory GloLite pillar candles are perfect for creating a gorgeous, romantic glow in the center of each table. Consider the Clearly Creative group of clear glass candleholders for a stunning combination of flowers and candles that your guests will find enchanting. The Symmetry group works beautifully, too. Add just a few floral sprigs and voila! Your centerpieces are simple, stunning and remarkably affordable.  As an example, a Symmetry Trio set on each Guest table will easily guarantee a larger hurricane at the Bride’s table for FREE.  Picture the breathtaking Majestic Hearth Hurricane – over sized mouth-blown seed glass with removal 8-tealight stand.  Or, how about the sophisticated Chalet Hurricane with its wood-finished resin base holding a blown glass hurricane?   For a truly elegant wedding add GloLite pillar or jar candles!

Whatever PartyLite centerpiece you choose, you will be sure to have a cost-effective and spectacular wedding for sure.

Hope you find this tip helpful.  May you always have BriteFlames.


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Candle 101 – Wick Trimming – Why & How?

Ever burn a beautiful new candle only to see that there is black soot all over the jar?  This can occur even in the most prestigious candles manufactured with clean burning cotton wicks.  It’s not the candles’ fault.   A wick that is too long will produce carbon black when it burns. The carbon black will stick to the jar of the candle, your walls or ceiling. Yuck!

The best way to alleviate this problem is to trim the wick between burns.

Each candle is different, so use the 1/4-inch wick measurement as a guide. Some candles may need a wick length of 1/8 inch and others may need a ½ inch length. Watch your candles and adjust the wick length according to how the candle burns.

The wick length is important to the candle because it needs to have oxygen to burn correctly, so be careful not to cut to low.

What should you use to trim the wick?  You can use a nail clipper, scissors, wire nippers or wick cutter to trim the wick.  Wick scissors are highly recommended due to their longer handles and special designed tray near the blade to catch the wick residue.  Perfect for jar candles that have burned more than half-way down. Trim your wick in advance of lighting for the perfect burn every time.

Hope you find this tip helpful.  May you always have BriteFlames.
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